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About Us

Why is Freight Boss the best option to help you become a successful dispatcher? Check out "Our Story" below to see why we are the most qualified and experienced team to train with.
Freight Boss is a Dispatch Training Course created by Brian Bosserman, owner of MB Logistic Solutions Inc. MB Logistic Solutions Inc. is a freight brokerage that also owns a dispatching company. Our goal at Freight Boss is to provide a top notch dispatching training course that covers the basics, but also provides, insight, advice, and advanced tips that will elevate your dispatching business. We will not only show you the basic steps, we will demonstrate them, and explain in detail why they are important. We know that if you put these tools to use, you will have a great head start at a successful dispatching business.
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Our Story

“It's been a long road!" Our story started almost 20 years ago. Our owner Brian Bosserman began his logistics carrier in the early 2000's as a shipping manager. He soon got his CDL and began pulling dual duty as a manager and a driver. He worked his way up the corporate ladder from Operations Manager to Transportation Manager, to Director of Operations, and most recently, Director of Safety and Training. He decided to put his skills to work for his own dream of opening a freight brokerage. While opening the brokerage Brian decided to start a dispatching service. As fate would have it, he enjoyed dispatching so much, he decided to grow that business as well. While creating training for the new employees, Freight Boss was born. The creation of Freight Boss was inevitable considering Brian has been an OSHA CSP (Certified Safety Professional) for 13 years and has created training programs for several businesses throughout the years. Brian has created over 10 training websites and courses, and currently has 7 training apps available for download in the Google Play and Apple App stores. As successful as those training courses are, Freight Boss will likely surpass them all. With Brian being a shipper, carrier, a broker, and a dispatcher, he had the perfect experience to create a superior training course packed full of knowledge and real world experience. If your goal is to be a dispatcher, this is the training course for you. For examples of Brian's training courses check out the links below.
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Delivery & Returns

Freight Boss only offers digital downloads, so there is no need to wait for days for shipping. You could be training for your new dispatching career in minutes.! We do not offer refunds or returns since are product is a digital download. Once you receive the link and download the product, we can't offer a refund.
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Only $149.95 until the end of the year! Order now before the discount ends!
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Check out our other companies to see everything we offer. We have a freight brokerage called "MB Logistic Solutions", a dispatching company called "MB Dispatching", as well as a carrier company called "BBG Transportation LLC".

Payment Info

Freight Boss has all payment options available including PayPal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. If the option you need is not available, please message us so we can assist you.

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